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Sven Thorgren

Meet Sven Thorgren, the backbone in Sweden's snowboard team and a true promotor of movability. See Sven do his thing on the ramp and find out whether our trousers were up to the challenge! We proudly present the first episode of L.Brador On Tour starring the master of movement – Sven Thorgren.


Our clothes have to cope with tough conditions. Which is why they are always tested in extreme environments by people with extreme requirements. One such person is snowboarder Sven Thorgren. Sven is the backbone in Sweden’s snowboard team and has won international competitions such as the X Games and Air & Style. In other words, a real pro who demands maximum mobility to achieve his goals. Sven is the proud new owner of a dream property in Kläppen and has his work cut out renovating and building. Sven is one of our hang arounds testing and pushing the WorkMove trousers movability. It’s a perfect match since Sven is a true promotor of movability, stretching the boundaries in everything he do, both on the board but also in his dream yard in Kläppen. 

The L.Brador team paid him a visit to help out with a new mini ramp, taking the opportunity to put the movability of our popular WorkMove 1052PB trousers to the test. 

about sven

At the tender age of 15, Sven left home to attend Sweden’s national snowboard high school in Malung, the starting signal for his career as a professional snowboarder. In 2013, Sven won the prestigious Air & Style competition in China, and the week after he landed second place in the Dew Tour circuit in Colorado, USA. In 2017, Sven came in first at the X Games, establishing himself as one of the truly big names in snowboarding. Today his portfolio is filled with medals from competitions from all around the globe.

Follow Sven on Instagram and his work on Svens DreamYard:

Instagram - Sven ThorgrenInstagram - Svens Dreamyard