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Future Craftsmen Demand Better Workwear

- Future craftsmen have higher expectations for the work clothes they will use on the job. This is according to Magnus Persson, a teacher for vocational students at Tingsholmsgymnasiet in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

"All other professionals in society are constantly raising their demands for employers, and it's only natural that this applies to skilled workers as well. If it is perceived as necessary to have high-quality clothing on the inside of the classic workwear in order to perform the job well, then the requirement for the employer to provide this arises," says Persson, who is a teacher and program manager for Construction and Civil Engineering at Tingsholmsgymnasiet Ulricehamn.

He believes that the development of workwear has progressed rapidly, and he is not surprised that there are constant advancements in this field.

"All the clothes you wear affect the job you're going to do. They should be flexible and have some stretch. They should also handle sweat in a good way. Our local brand here in Ulricehamn, L.Brador, has always been at the forefront of development, and I'm not surprised that they also deliver quality in the innermost layer of clothing."

Natural progression

He emphasizes that he sees the increased expectations from the students as a natural progression.

"All other professionals in society are constantly raising their demands for employers, and it's only natural that this applies to skilled craftsmen as well."

Elin Lundström is the concept manager for L.Brador, which offers work clothes with high demands for comfort, function, and design. She agrees with Berggren.

"We think that offering high-quality workwear to employees has become a hygiene factor. If you, as an entrepreneur, want to recruit the best employees, you have to offer more than before. It's no longer enough to have the necessary safety shoes and comfortable work pants," she says, continuing.

Elin Lundström, together with the users, is meticulous in ensuring that the products have the right comfort, functionality, and quality to withstand the workday. The garments are thoroughly tested by carefully selected reference groups.

Elin Lundström, Concept Manager L.Brador

Unique Properties from Bamboo

All the garments are perfect for hot weather, whether you're on the job or doing high-intensity training. These t-shirts are made of bamboo viscose with temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties, which keep the body cool and comfortable. The material feels soft with a cotton-like touch, suitable for wearing close to the skin. Thanks to the fast-growing nature of the bamboo tree and its lower water requirements, the fiber is a sustainable alternative.

The hoodies and sweatshirts are made from soft and comfortable cotton and polyester blend, with an unbrushed interior and a fit that provides maximum freedom of movement.

In addition to this, there are also a pair of unique long underwear, and for the fall, the collection is expanded with another garment. All to make your workday easier and more protected. These garments have an extremely high water column for weather protection as well as extremely high freedom of movement thanks to the unique, soft, stretchy material.