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Don't scratch the paint


Things move fast at Börjessons Bil in Alingsås. Cars are serviced, engine parts are replaced and wheels are balanced. The premises are bright, clean and airy, and as of six months ago everyone who works on the cars wears work trousers from L.Brador's No-Scratch range.

the story about No-Scratch-trousers

The story about the No-Scratch range started a couple of years earlier. The service technicians working at the cars at Börjessons Bil in Alingsås had a need for the workwear more adopted for their work environment. Traditional workwear didn’t cut it. The need was primarily based around the fit of the work trousers and there was a demand for a more comfortable and flexible work trouser.

When analysing how the service technicians moved around when working on the cars we discovered that they put blankets on parts of the car when leaning against it. In that way they did not scratch the paint on the surface. In our strive to make the perfect work trouser for the service technicians, this became the main reason to develop the No-Scratch trouser.

When visiting Gunnar and his collegues he have been using the No-scratch 1845PB stretch trouser for six months. The stretch trouser is based on our category “WorkMove Light”, meaning that it is a premium stretch trouser made with Cordura-stretch and DuPont stretch kevlar, but in a lighter weight. So it fits perfectly for inside work.

Switching to No-Scratch stretch trousers without visible metal detailing means that you no longer have to worry about scratching painted surfaces. Now we can move around more freely, and there’s no risk when leaning on or moving against the car.

Gunnar Burman

Gunnar Burman moves comfortably around one of the cars, busy repairing the rear lights.

Behind the scenes

The No-Scratch range gathers all our trousers with concealed metal detailing. And just as the name implies, they have absolutely no details that can scratch or scrape sensitive surfaces, suchs as cars, technical equipment or painted surfaces. The No-Scratch stretch trousers come in three different models, the 1843PB trouser and the 1844PB shorts, both with two detachable hanging pockets, and the 1845PB without hanging pockets. They are all made of a lighter material that suits perfetly when working inside, and they all have Cordura-stretch on all the right places, making it extremely comfortable to move.