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L.brador X cln athletics

workwear meets sportswear

In collaboration with CLN Athletics, the No. 1 brand in high-intensity training, we have designed
a collection of high-quality garments for both your working day and the gym. Go for it!

Ready for workout and workshop

Rally driver and entrepreneur Mattias Adielsson has developed a taste for workwear that works just as well at work as on a run and at the gym.

L. Brador has long been known for delivering durable, functional, and ergonomic workwear. But faced with the modern craftsman's needs, the company realized it was time to think outside the box. At the same time, CLN Athletics explored new ways to combine performance and style in sportswear.

This is the background for the unique collaboration between the workwear producer and the sportswear brand.

One of those who has truly embraced the new, unique collection is rally driver and entrepreneur Mattias Adielsson, who entered into an ambassador collaboration with L. Brador in 2023.

-My collaboration with L. Brador takes place in two different arenas. The first is out in the field with the rally team, and the second is at my two commercial workshops as workwear for the employees, says Adielsson and adds:

-I had a good experience with clothing from L. Brador before the collaboration was entered into. It's a very good collaboration where we strengthen each other's brands. Both for the rally team, Tisse Racing, and at my workshops, Ekebäcks Motor, it feels professional that everyone on the team has the same uniform, which is also of high technical quality. For me personally, the collaboration is also fun because things are constantly happening, and it's a real bonus that the clothes L. Brador is now making together with CLN work just as well for training as for work. Now I can basically go straight from the workshop to the gym without needing to change, says Adielsson.

Perfect for work and running

The idea behind the collaboration between L. Brador and CLN was to create clothing that not only meets the requirements for workwear in construction and industry but to make garments that also look good and can be used in leisure time.

The workwear has been carefully designed to not only meet the safety and functional requirements in the workplace but also to be stylish and modern. This allows the craftsman to easily transition from work to leisure without having to change outfits. The clothes are also perfect for the gym. Technical fabrics that breathe and provide freedom of movement make them perfect for a run after a day's work or for a strength workout on the way home.

-These are clothes that breathe well and absorb sweat from the skin to keep you cool throughout the workday and the entire workout. In addition, you get a sporty and fresh look, and that's never wrong, explains Elin Lundström.


Combining work clothes with high demands on comfort and function together with training clothes that withstand varied movements regardless of intensity, creates the perfect garment to wear during your working day. In addition, the garments are developed to create an attractive and innovative garment with a clean design that breathes both L.Brador and CLN Athletics. Together, we share the passion between tailor-made craftsmanship and proven function. Stylish details and carefully placed cuts that enhance its function signals the entire collection.