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Warehouse Worker Terez: LovES L.Brador Clothing!


Layer upon layer - in the warehouse! Terez Sörenson works at Logistikpartner in the industrial area of Rönnåsen in Ulricehamn. The temperature variations throughout the workday, this demands specific clothing choices.

- I often experience both: warmth and coldness during my shift, depending on the tasks I perform. That's why I prefer dressing in layers. I wear a long-sleeved shirt as a base layer, followed by a hoodie with fleece on the inside. On top, I have a vest that provides warmth, especially when I'm operating a fork-lift. I appreciate that the hoodie has extra-long sleeves, covering my wrists and a bit of my hands. It keeps me warm, says Terez, who loves clothes from the manufacturer L.Brador.


L.Brador is an established and innovative player in the workwear market in the Nordic region, with a strong focus on functionality, fit, and comfort. In 2012, the brand introduced stretch material work pants, the first of its kind in the industry. Initially welcomed with skepticism, it quickly became a success, especially among craftsmen.

- Pants are our showpiece product, although we also produce and sell tops and other workwear. We were pioneers when we launched high-quality work pants with stretch over twenty years ago. Unlike large industrial customers, craftsmen personally go to the store and buy their own pants, so they were the first to embrace this product, says Key Account Manager for L.Brador, Peter Davidsson.

Davidsson explains that L.Brador conducts user tests with its own test panel before launching new products. This ensures that the garments are functional and of high quality, both in terms of fit and durability, when they hit the market.

- Our end customers are our most important source of information, regarding what is needed and what works. Previously, all work pants for craftsmen had pockets and loops for hammers and nails. As the nail gun became a popular tool, the requirements changed, says Davidsson, adding: With our own test panel and feedback system, we continuously listen to consumers, test, and make adjustments. This way, we remain a reliable supplier of comfort and quality in workwear.


At the logistics warehouse in Ulricehamn, Terez Sörenson finds it convenient to have "set" work clothes. She's happy not to have to think about her work outfit but is also in favor about the comfort of the clothes she wears.

- I'm very pleased that the pants I wear are designed for women, with room for curves! The stretch in the pants makes them extra comfortable, I like that I can remove some of the pockets that are attached with Velcro. I don't need as many pockets as a craftsman. Additionally, I can adjust the length of the legs, which is great because it doesn't always correspond to the waist size, says Terez Sörenson.