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The Swedish workwear brand, L.Brador, has recently confirmed an exciting ambassadorial agreement with renowned rally driver Mattias Adielsson. In addition to this personal agreement, L.Brador has also secured a deal with Adielsson's newly formed rally team, Tisse Racing, for the supply of team clothing.

Mattias Adielsson has long been a loyal user of L.Brador in his car workshops, and his personal experience with the brand's quality has been incredibly positive. This connection has now evolved into an official partnership, and it is clear that both parties are looking forward to the upcoming collaboration.

Karoline Klatran, Head of Marketing at L.Brador, expresses enthusiasm for the agreement and has great confidence in the success of Tisse Racing with Mattias Adielsson at the wheel. "This collaboration is very positive for L.Brador, as Mattias not only uses the clothes in his daily work at the workshops with his team, but also because L.Brador is now entering into motorsports by providing team clothing for Tisse Racing. We are confident that our products will perform at the highest level, and we look forward to seeing the results of this collaboration. It is truly a partnership with many positive aspects, and we are excited to support Tisse Racing on their path to success."

L.Brador has a solid reputation for delivering durable and functional high-quality workwear. Their expansion into motorsports is a natural step for the brand, especially with an experienced and well-regarded rally driver like Mattias Adielsson as their ambassador.

Mattias Adielsson, who is enthusiastic about the collaboration, comments: "I have always been focused on quality in everything I do, both on and off the track. L.Brador has been a reliable partner in my workshops, and I am confident that their clothing will contribute to enhancing the professional image and performance of the Tisse Racing team. I really look forward to this partnership."

The collaboration between L.Brador, Mattias Adielsson, and Tisse Racing signals an exciting alliance between workwear and motorsports. It will be interesting to follow the further development of this partnership on the road to success on the rally track.