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We believe in women!

For some time now we have wondered why women should settle with just smaller versions of men's workwear. Now we are doing something about it and launch a collection of women's clothing that will change the industry's view of how work clothes for women should feel, fit and look. Of course, with stretch pants, fit and functionality in true L.Brador spirit!

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Our new L.Brador collection spring/summer 2016 is online

Latest news from L.Brador. Get a sneakpeak from the new collection in our Workbook – Summer/Spring 2016. Take a look and enjoy!

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The next generation of work trousers are here!

1052PB is a polished version of the successful 105PB trousers that challenged the industry when launched in 2012. The updated trousers have stretchy material over the seat, front and crotch as well as the front and rear of the knee. The trousers have ventilation on the inside of the leg that can be easily regulated with a zip and the length can be adjusted by 5 cm, which makes it easier for them to be adjusted to the height of the wearer. The trousers also have ID pockets that are in line with the new rules for ID06 which come into force during 2016. L.Brador 1052PB comes in three different colours; grey, black and khaki - all with black detailing.

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Winter-lined Hi-Vis trouser in 100% cotton

1742B is a lined working trouser where even the Hi-Vis fabric is in cotton, which makes it feasible for use in work where there is a risk of sparks. The trouser was developed following customer's wishes for these needs, who work where high visibility is required and in cold conditions. In order to further protect against cold, there are also snow locks at the leg ends and a raised back section in order to keep the hollow of the back warm. This trouser is base on our popular 174B model.

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L.Brador presents a trouser for painters/bricklayers

It's only right that even painters and bricklayers get the chance to use comfortable premium quality working trousers. 1043PB is part of L.Brador's WorkMove-collection - trousers inspired by the outdoor sector's pliable and durable model garments. The trouser is versatile, cool and durable, has stretch kevlar over the knees, stretch material at the front section and back of the knees and calves to provide a good level of moveability. In order to suit a broader target group and equally for both indoor and outdoor work, we have added ventilation to the inside thighs. A need that we have been told about but that up to now haven't had a good solution for. Now we've done it.

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L.Brador 6013PB – a comfortable and warm hood.

L.Brador 6013PB – a comfortable and warm hood.

Another new article in this autumn's Limited-collection from L.Brador is 6013PB. This is a comfortable and warm hood with a brushed inside. The sweatshirt features attractive colours and well-made details for those wanting to look good at work. It stands up well to wear-and-tear, as it is made from strong 360 gram fabric in 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

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L.Brador Sweater 6001 PS in 4-way stretch

What could be a better garment for work than a sweater that is actually designed for work? L.Brador 6001 PS is a comfy work jumper in 4-way stretch. It’s perfect layer two garment, as it breathes and evaporates moisture quickly. Available at your local retailer now!

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L.Brador Sweatshirt 6011PB

Garment-washed sweatshirt for a selective group of craftsmen and service workers who want a comfortable and soft garment. A slightly thinner material than our other sweatshirts. For mobile work, you want avoid constantly adjusting your garment and thanks to the straight waist hem without cuff, the sweatshirt stays in place. Material and weight: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. 250g/m2.
Size: XS-3XL

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L.Brador Sweatshirt 6012B

Let us present this stylish granddad shirt in waffle knit for the selective and trend-conscious craftsman. In 100% comfortable and soft cotton, 215g/m2.

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Time for pirate trousers - it is after all summer

The cold has been extremely persistent this year. We are now handing in an official protest! It's still summer, and the only right thing to wear at work is a pair of comfortable pirate trousers. We added a green colour to our popular range of pirate trousers with stretch - L.Brador 125PB. The trousers are flexible, cool and durable. This model has stretch Kevlar over the knees and stretch in the front section. Designed for those with an active job.

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L.Brador Boxer shorts 599B

Discover our new boxers! Not only stylish – they are in a soft stretch fabric and with an elasticated waist with extra soft inside.

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L.Brador Sweatshirt 4162P – The most comfortable jumper at the building site!

L.Brador 4162P is a Class 1 sweatshirt in our Hi-Vis Premium series. Black lower section to withstand dirt well, making it suitable for building and construction. Soft fleece for a nice feeling. Reflectors over the shoulders for good visibility, during e.g. crane and scaffolding work. A strap for ID card holder in the breast pocket.

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News in Hi-Vis: L.Brador 4001P & 4002P

4001P is a comfortable fleece in Class 3 for best visibility in an insulating, soft and comfortable material. 4002P is a t-shirt in a simpler design. In short, just what you need to be visible on the job. Sizes XS-S in Class 2, sizes M-XXXL in Class 3.

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L.Brador gives a second life to used workwear – donates work trousers to the Balkans

During the spring, L.Brador conducted a collection activity to give a second life to used workwear. Professional craftsmen in the Nordic countries have been invited to donate their used work trousers, which are then sent to exposed areas in great need of workwear. In total, more than 1100 pairs of trousers were donated and in collaboration with the aid organisation Human Bridge, L.Brador is now presenting the donated trousers to aid workers working with the rehabilitation of the flood-affected Balkans.

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Sweatshirt 771PB

This fall coolest sweatshirt is here. Grey mélange with un-brushed backside with just the right weight and feel makes this a comfortable, functional and good looking sweater that is totally right all the time. Made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester. Available in sizes XS-XXXL.

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Autumn news in catwalk film

Take a look at parts of the autumn workwear news from L.Brador here!