Allow us to proudly present our premium range in the Hi-Vis segment

We're there yet again. Right at the front and designing garments that our competitors just talk about. The primary purpose of Hi-Vis clothing is of course to be seen. We have made sure to make the collection a little better in several other ways. We've looked at the cuts and refined the stitching. We've optimised the fit and thoroughly selected material to give the best function in the garment. One thing's for sure - that if you have to be seen properly, it's just as well to look good, too.

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L.Brador WorkMove collection - trousers with stretch.

L.Brador has created a range of workwear trousers which are entirely unique in their field.

We've named the collection WorkMove.Stretching the limits has for a long time been one of our guiding-lights. It became just about symbolic when we launched our collection with working trousers featuring stretch panels. It's now time to say goodbye to low slung trousers and the gap between trousers and shirt at the back. No more split seams in the crotch or overstrained trouser legs when climbing around on ladders and scaffolding. It has become easy to get downon your knees without straining and pulling. We cannot show you the most important here. It's the actual feeling you get when pulling them on.

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THE #1 HELPER - Workwear for children

We have developed a collection of workwear for our little helpers, based on our popular working trousers, tops and jackets. We have included a lot of useful details and features from our adult models. Perfect for the little carpenter, plumber or gardener whether a girl or a boy. Naturally the details, buttons, zippers, hoods are adapted for children both from material and safety standpoints. Ideal for the demanding assistant who’s ready to face today's tough challenges.

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Safety shoes and boots for active work

We offer a collection of work shoes and work boots from L.Brador for active work where high demands are placed on comfort, cushioning and the best possible anti-slip properties. In addition to an emphasis on the protection factor, L.Brador has also focused on user comfort and design.

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